Photo and video project / Freudenfluss Network + Polly Fannlaf

As a feminist network, Freudenfluss Network stands up for free access to all sexual information and establishes a sex-positive culture also in communication. We consider sexuality to be learnable and pleasurable sexual development beyond the idea of reproduction to be a basic human right.

The world is full of standardized and normative images, which decisively contribute to the fact that many people cannot accept themselves in their manifold manifestations. Only the market profits from this, offering products with which we can standardize ourselves. To change this, we have to make and show other images.

Sexual energy is always unique and diverse - we celebrate this power. Every body is welcome, every expression of pleasure, with whom or whatever: with oneself, in pairs, threesomes or with many, in and with nature, with technology, ultra-modern or old-fashioned, eccentric or cozy.

Celebrate with us the diversity and all the wonderful desires of this world! We do this with photographs that really invite everyone to celebrate. You can arrange a photo session with photographer and feminist activist Polly Fannlaf.

As known from other political actions of the Freudenfluss Network, a statistical survey also accompanied this project. The more we learn about ourselves and our concepts of sexuality, the more consciously and individually we can perceive ourselves and others. Knowledge makes sexy!